Hywel Davies

composer & sonic artist



Apostrophe [2003] - flute solo. Originally writtten as part of the installation Pastoral these fragments were extended into a concert piece for flautists Heledd Francis, who has also recorded it. In 2013 it was added to the repertoire list for Trinity College (London) fluet students. (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016).

Second Apostrophe [2005] - oboe solo

Purl Ground [2003] - marimba solo. This piece was written for Canadian percussionist Trent Petrunia. It has been recorded by Japanese percussionist Kuniko Kato [CANTUS - Linn Records], who has performed it widely.

Test Ground [2013] - marimba solo. Commissioned by Kuniko Kato for premiere at the 2013 Cheltenham Music Festival.

10 juin 1936 [2005] - solo celloe (cellist also speaks). Text by Robert Desnos. This piece was written for Anglo-French cellist Fanny Bray, who continues to perform it.

Sonatas in F [2008] - piano or toy piano solo. This short work recycles some of Scarlatti's sonatas in the key of F (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016).

After the long trick [1999] - piano solo

Variations [2005] - piano solo (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016)

Duos [2003] - violin and cello (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016]

Rose Songs [2011] - voice and piano. Settings of texts about roses.

Bow Flurry [2003] - glockenspiel & two pianos. This piece later becamse a movement in the Chamber Symphony. (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016)

38 Inventions [2004] - clarinet, percussion, viola. Written for Canadian Ensemble Méduse.

Descent [2003] - string quartet In spired by freediver Tanya Streeter, there is also a string orchestra version of this piece. (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016)

Not Dancing But Running [2003-7] - string quartet

Cold in the earth [2000] - cello quartet. Originally written as a contribution to Russell Mills' Undark album (other contributors included The Edge, Brian and Roger Eno, David Sylvian et al). (recording available on 'Hywel Davies' PFCD016)

Three pieces for flute quartet [2007] - flute quartet (C flutes/alto flutes). Written for London Flutes.